Do You Need Extra Calories to Gain Muscle Mass?

You and I have heard it a thousand times. If you want to gain muscle mass you train hard and eat big. Just as the old adage tells us that abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym, the same is supposedly true of muscle mass. It does have a simple logic that seems to make sense, but is it true. Do you need extra calories to gain muscle mass?

Muscle gain is a complex process

Science folk still don’t quite have the whole picture on what and how muscles grow. That’s great for the people who want to sell you a new solution every month, but all the reading you have to do can get a little tiresome.

But muscle gain is also a simple process

On the other hand, what we do know is that muscle gain occurs as an adaptation to the stimulus caused by increased demands on that muscle.

The stimulus is not about food; muscle is built in the gym, not the kitchen. If you want it you have to work for it. It is going to be your training program that makes the difference.

Extra energy from food is just stored as fat, not turned into slabs of muscle

If extra food turned to muscle there would be an epidemic of bulging biceps rather than widening waistlines. If you look around you’ll notice that the guys eating big to get big usually just become the chubby guys. That’s no good if you actually want to look good.

You don’t need extra calories for the kind of body you really want

Most people want to gain muscle mass to improve the look and shape of their bodies. To do this you need to ditch the bulking plan and focus on gaining the right amount of muscle in the right places. Think the look of an underwear model rather than a comic book villain.

It’s not about extra calories to gain muscle mass. It’s about learning how to eat and workout so that you can get better results without the extra effort. Put your time and energy into living life to the full with short intense workouts that give you time to enjoy that more attractive body, and a nutrition plan that keeps you healthy, happy and lean enough to show off the muscle you will gain.

The real trick isn’t just to gain muscle mass, but to do it for a better looking, better feeling you, without sacrificing your life to slaving away in the gym, or the kitchen.