5 Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast – 5 Ways to Get the Body That You Want

#1 – Get rid of the junk that is in your pantry and in the refrigerator. In order to build lean muscle fast, you will have to changer you eating habits. Go to the grocery store and stock up on protein rich foods, muscle supplement shakes and keep on replacing it as you run low.

#2 – Make it a priority to never train for more than two days in a row. If you are not totally recovered from previous workouts, then you will not be able to perform your routine as effectively and will increase the chances of injury. Over-training is the number one reason for burnout and injury. You cannot expect to build new muscle when you cannot lift more weight than your previous workout.

#3 – Every three to four weeks, switch your workout routine around and basically perform your workout backwards. This will confuse your body and muscles which will increase the stimulation to each muscle group. It will prevent the dreaded plateaus that we all have encountered before.

#4 – By performing your weight training with just your body weight, you will be adding another dimension to your workout. This will allow for a greater range of motion and will work the muscles in each muscle group in a different way that they are accustomed to, thus increasing the resistance and building bigger and stronger muscle. Push ups, chin ups, leg squats, dips and pull ups should be incorporated into your workout routine.

#5 – If you find that when you start your workout you are feeling unmotivated or you are getting frustrated, then the best thing to do is to go home and plan on working out the next day. If you focus on getting bigger and stronger and not becoming frustrated then you will achieve your gaols to have the body that you want. You will not stay motivated if you become upset that you are not getting the results that you want, in turn making your workout less effective. Stay focused and motivated.